Registration for DSST Exam

First-Time Registration for the DSST Exam


1.  Go to

2.  Click on First-Time Registration (located at the bottom of the screen).


3.  Under Select a Test Provider or Program select DSST MILILTARY*.

* If you are a DEPENDANT, select DSST.


4.  Click on I Agree after the Privacy Notice.


5.  Create an account and make sure you fill in all the appropriate information.


  1. Please use a Civilian Email address

* We recommend for a username and password something easy to remember or one that mimics your civilian email. 



For Test Center Code are listed below  and Institutional Score Report Recipient Check with test site on the day of testing.

Hickam: 7115

Pearl Harbor: 7107

K-Bay: 7120

Schofield: 7124

Tripler: 7133

7. Once finished, click Submit at the bottom.


8. The next page should be the welcome page.  Click Continue and then log out.  Your registration is complete.


** You will need to bring your DoD picture identification card, username, and password with you for your exam appointment **


After testing you may return to and review your scores or update your information.


Send commits or questions to:

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