Register for CLEP exams

First time CLEP Account and CLEP Test Registration


      1. Go to:
      2. Click on the Create an Account Button.
      3. Enter all information to the best of your ability.
      4. Use an CIVILIAN e-mail account

Use a civilian e-mail. Make sure the username and password are something you can remember!

      1. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Next.
      2. Confirm the information is correct by checking all the boxes adjacent to your personal information and click Confirm (Click Edit to make any corrections).
      3. Sign-in with the password you just made (You will likely have to do this multiple times through the registration process, so don’t forget your password!).
      4. Click on the Manage My Profile button in the purple box on the right.
      5. Under Address and Contact, Click on the Edit This Information button.
      6. Add in a primary phone number, then save it.

(If you cannot read/edit the information on this or any of the below pages, please try to access the page in another browser)

      1. Under Personal Details, Click on Edit This Information and fill in everything.

*****ACTIVE DUTY*****

There is a question asking “Are you eligible for DANTES funding and are not a veteran?” Pick YES. (There is a link to a PDF with Eligibility Rules, if you are not certain that you qualify)

      1. Enter in the additional information requested. then click “Save” when you are finished.
      2. Under General Survey, Click Edit this Information and answer all questions to the best of your ability, then save.

*Preferred Test Center don’t pick a preferred test center. However, selecting a preferred test center will NOT prevent you from using other test centers.

13. When finished, click Back to My Account at the top of the page.

14. Near the top of the Account page, click on the dark blue rectangular box that reads CLEP EXAMS.

15. On the CLEP Exam page Click the subject associated with your test, then find the exam you wish to take. Click on and check the box adjacent to the exam title and price.

 **For Active Duty the “DANTES Funded” option will change the $80 total to $0 when you reach the payment portion of the check-out process.

16. Begin the checkout process and verify all information as it is displayed.

17. Select a Score Recipient.

**If you are taking the Exam for CCAF, AARTS, SMART, or other military-based transcripts, you may select Do not send score for your Score Recipient.  If you are registered or are registering for a university or college it is recommended to select that school.  Your score will still be applied to your military-based transcript.

18. When finished click Save and Continue.

19. On the Check Out and Registration page

*Active Duty* Review your order and confirm your total is $0.

20. Scroll down to the end of the page review the College Board Terms and Conditions. Check the box if you agree.  If you do not check the box you will not be able to take the exam.

      1. Place your order.
      2. Click on the link “Print your Registration Ticket” and print it.
      3. Bring your printed Registration Ticket to the Test MCP Testing Center.



Once you have registered, your registration is good for 6 months. You do not need to call HPU National Test Center offices to make an appointment. Just come to the test site during walk-in hours with a copy of your test registration confirmation and your military ID and you will be seated.

If you have any questions about your CLEP account or any of the exams, please contact CLEP at (800) 257-9558

For further details and the locations and hours of the testing centers please visit the following website


Send commits or questions to:

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